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Trend supports medical research in Romania

October 2014

I had the honor to prepare the launch of modern medical research center in Romania - Imogen. Built following a partnership between Cluj County Emergency Hospital and the Ministry of Research, the investment worth 10 million euros will bring together four major specialties: medical imaging, obstetrics and gynecology, oral-maxillofacial and neurology. The project resulted from the joint effort of some of the most important health professionals in Cluj: Acad. Prof. Dr. Florin Stamatian Acad. Prof. Dr. Laurel Mureşanu, Prof. Dr. Gregory Băciuţ, and researcher Prof. Dr. Silviu Sfrângeu Dr. Cecilia Roman. At the launch center Imogen everyone was present Cluj good medicine and medical staff from the country and abroad. The ribbon was cut opening Applauded by project director, Acad. Prof. Dr. Florin Stamatian, Cluj Mayor Emil Boc Cluj prefect Gheorghe Vuşcan Acad. Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu, president of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Romania and President of the Senate UMF Cluj-Napoca, Prof. Dr. Stefan Florian.

Trend Communications has served to organize the launching press conference, but also to produce all materials needed to support them.


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