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Trend incite correct and turnout

December 2012

Under the headline "Do not vote!" Trend Communications has launched a campaign of the importance of this vote, which we intend to draw an alarm among the electorate passively characterized as pessimistic and skeptical about the scene Romanian politics.

The campaign illustrated through a series of visual negative elements of Romanian policy such as empty promises, nepotism, active electorate with low educational level, mention electoral votes bought.

We chose to achieve vizualelor ironic approach based on reverse psychology to enable voters who takes seriously the "right to vote" only if that right is threatened, stolen, underappreciated.

Our campaign information had great press coverage and reach online and social media, with appearances also and Reality TV station Cluj. We chose to communicate in the 2 week campaign on the media used mainly by young and passive electorate.

Timeline of the campaign: November 26 to December 9, 2012.

The rest of the campaign visuals can be found here .