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Trend greets you: "Welcome to Cluj-Napoca"

October 2008

Trend Communications has active collaboration of almost 3 years in Cluj-Napoca International Airport location, maintenance and rental of billboards in brokering the airport (Terminal Departures current). With the spectacular development of the Airport, which this year alone has seen a doubling of the number of passengers compared to last year (see chart), our agency had to come to identify new solutions and the latest technology, promotion within the new Airport Arrivals terminal.

In the auction held this month, attended by the best agencies in Cluj, Trend Communication is among the winners who will be able to tell passengers "Welcome in Cluj-Napoca!" Through clients. They will be able to choose this location in promotion campaigns that we conducted, benefiting from a highly targeted audience (for a means of promoting OOH) with medium to high income, means of promotion and modern and very well maintained.