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Sky is the limit

March 2008

Cluj has become in recent years a favorite target property developers, who recognize the great economic potential of the city. In this crowded projects, the identification has become an essential. From the point of view of advertising, branding is becoming increasingly difficult because the name given assembly must reflect the specificity and slogan come to emphasize its competitive edge.

Trend Communications has had the honor to work on developing the identity of the first buildings over 30 floors towers to be built in Cluj-Napoca, leaving the city to Floresti. The brand chose "Sky Buildings" was chosen as the most representative buildings scale. The slogan "Sky is the limit" comes to intensifying the basic message that he conveyed, is that the three buildings will be a maximum height but quality: one of the towers will be dedicated to offices, hotels second, and the de- Third of luxury homes.

Branding was followed by a teasing campaign unfolded in print and online campaign currently being in the release phase.