Parcul Industrial Ocna-Mures are acum identitate. Vizuala! TREND + TIFF = LOVE Trend la putere STEPS, Festival International de dans contemporan Sesiunea Speciala Ursus la Cluj Ciao Roma! Salutari in trend de la Banca Transilvania

... The first five years in uptrend

January 2007

2002: 3 people, 1 586 computer, one old and one Mercedes Cielo and older, but much enthusiasm, much ambition and (perhaps too) much optimism. We are neither Target nor Traffic nor 911. We TREND, my first choice. What turns and the best! Oana join us, come profi PR "gives equity". We rent a place that we think about how to divide it with a law, let out cheaper. The first contracts, the first customers. We start in style: Puma, Opel Ecomax, Romgaz. Then take the bull by the horns: Night devourer of advertising organization in six cities in Transylvania. Brave, right? Trend team reach ten people. CFR Cluj started to support when still struggling in Division C with thoughts of promotion B and A. CFR Cluj immediately after we believe in crazy. It is impossible! Nay!

2003: support therapy, another hard name of Cluj and Romania in product launch. And immediately after the bomb comes news advertising market in Cluj and beyond: Trend Communication takes full account management Romexterra Bank. All national advertising. Everything! Passion for golf two of the three partners bring Banca Transilvania in our portfolio. BT Golf Cup reach the largest golf tournament in Romania and approaching the fifth edition. Puma Trend continues with the launch of new collections. Again bomb market: Goran Bregovic will perform in Cluj! Organizer: hmmm, Trend! We are 15 trend setter them. In December starts the prodigious relationship: giant METRO Cash & Carry!

2004: develop both BTL and PR that we have launched, and the ATL. Full-service showing professionalism. Just two years after launching our "globalized" METRO opens Prut. All strategy, all campaigns are managed by Trend whole budget. We organize (copy the client says "Banca Transilvania 10 years") between the branding, packaging, media campaigns across the country go watch. We can talk about professional independent departments. Everything works as it should. Unexpected, frankly, just two years ago ... electoral marketing and crisis management make us known in the political world. Election Year 2004 Yes tremendous team work of political scientists, sociologists and statisticians Trend.

2005: We are moving into an office more debris, more impressive. I jumped 20 employees. We reputation. Rotarians organize their most important meeting with us. Increase our p ... ortofoliul with Cialis. If you know what is Viagra, Cialis and what you know. Creative, media campaigns, national, regional and local promotional, outdoor, events, branding, nothing is alien to us. Construction protection, the national leader in polyurethane surfaces, develops marketing budget by Trend: creative, ATL, exhibition fairs, outdoor. We are recognized merits: become members of the prestigious International Advertising Association (IAA). We are involved in CSR activities, Partner with Habitat for Humanity Romania.

2006: Year prodigiously. METRO Group enter the Romanian market with hypermarket division. Trend PR client is Real! The most luxurious residential complex in Cluj, Central Park Residence, is promoted by Trend. The whole image is managed by us. From A to Z. Even the concept is brand Trend. We run more consistent budgets on average for customers of any size. Client size does not matter! Reality TV organized for the most comprehensive market research post-December '10 Cluj »model« 10 Romania ". More than 25 employees. It is close to finalizing put together a consistent and strong teams. A small part is yet to Bucharest in a future office Trend. Print media monitoring services improves and joins audio-video monitoring investments. Soon receive recognition. Big names join Trend portfolio: Max Aicher, Maserati, Euroconsult, Hidroelectrica, the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments, Iulius Mall. We bring MTV Romanian Music Awards in Cluj! Wow! We Polus Cluj foundation and manage image, the largest mall in Transylvania and perhaps the country.

2007: We're on a roll. Ambitions are high. We consolidate about 30 employees. Follow improvement. Stay tuned in the next Five Year! Unexpected surprises will occur! We're on the wave, again!

Horia Bogdan
Managing Partner Trend Communication