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Bid and win: Hall, UBB, UMF

August 2007

For those that still doubt the quality of services provided by Trend Communication and supercompetitive prices it offers to its customers, the results of tenders organized by the mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Babes-Bolyai University of Medicine and Pharmacy should be enlightening.

The three auctions were held in conditions of maximum transparency, given that none of Cluj Renowned institutions would not have allowed the appeals and media scandals. Following the opening of tenders, Trend Communication came out the winner in all 3 competitions for proposals. It was the success of conjugate of media buying and planning departments and some special employees responsible for processing the necessary documentation for public tender.

The victory was all the more overwhelming, how other reputable agencies to Cluj dropped from attending the auction, thus recognizing superiority in offering Trend Communication media.

Following these successes, to set up a new sub-department of our agency, which deals with the identification of public tenders that we can provide services of PR, advertising or media and writing to participate. Because we are committed to .... bid and win.