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Strong essences good catch them powerful strategies

November 2013

Meet Woodcore brand, hardwood interior ideas in perfect harmony.


The guys at Woodcore activates on the interior of Transylvania and have center in Cluj, where are and with a showroom. They are experts in wood and wooden floors have a new vision of the concept of home, and elements that differentiate the market.

Besides vision, Woodcore offers premium products, specialized solutions, consulting and installation.

The brand's new for Trend Communication portfolio. After a comparative analysis of necessary market and existing products in their range, we built a development strategy and brand promotion Woodcore. You'll see the associated premium and activated only in the context, as befits the brand that respects its customers and products.

In a few months, Woodcore became one of the clients we develop strategies "360" and who has access to our full range of services: from assistance in amenajararea showroom Woodcore, creation and production of consumables to communication B2B, brand appearances in special events organized by industry specialty. Last but not least, we also enabled the brand on social networks for end-users.

We like to say that the essences countries need powerful strategies.