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City branding

January 2010

Even if the activity Trend Communication stretches nationwide, many of the agency's major customers are large companies with headquarters in Bucharest, our connection to Cluj-Napoca is special. Not just because we work here, but we are trying through our evolution to contribute to the image of the main business center of Cluj in Transylvania and Romania important.

In receipt of an invitation to participate in brand building city from the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, not our response be other than to involve all research resources, strategy and creative agency to develop the city as a brand.

Following research conducted by the Research Department documentation of the agency and some focus group sites on 5 categories of subjects, we decided to build the brand Axam three main values: Cluj-Napoca - university town; Cluj-Napoca - multicultural city; Cluj-Napoca - city "business friendly" (Town "friendly" in economic terms, favorable business creation and development).

Creative Department took these values ​​and synthesized them into a graphical building more references: graphism is a stylized representation of a tower or a wall bastion battlements and refers to the status of city, borough, town with old, the history of Cluj. At the base of the wall is represented by a river, the city of Cluj in Transylvania with most bridges!

In terms of text, we chose to write the name of the city in three languages ​​(Romanian, German and Hungarian) to highlight the city's multiculturalism, one of the values ​​promoted.

In terms of message, we chose a mainstream approach and empathetic at the same time to be able to address several categories of subjects: young people who come to university, those interested in multiculturalism Cluj, businessmen interested in investing in the city. "It's everything to me" is formulating long academic "is everything to me", but the usual formula and thus closer to the public. The slogan appears as a signature (oblique position), an imprint of each of the city.


At coloristic, we chose not to propose a single color for the city brand. Both graphism and text-city name will be engraved around the negative (white on a background color) suitable for events taking place on backgrounds, materials used etc.

Blue - academic event

Fuchsia - fashion event

Red - cultural event

Orange - mass event, student, youth

Green - ecological event

Turquoise - economic events

Black - Sports: Universitatea Cluj

Cherry - Sports: CFR Cluj

In this way, local authorities demonstrates the city's total involvement in supporting certain events, opening and even adoption by the city of some types of activities

Trend Project Communication was presented in a public meeting of the City Hall, arousing interest, and uproar. Even if it seems that the branding process will take, the authorities taking the decision to postpone making a decision, we, Trend Communication, we are confident that we have developed a promising brand, modern, adequate but mostly we are convinced that the city Cluj-Napoca is everything to us!