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New packaging for spring!

March 2010

Branding requirements and / or customer rebranding Trend Communication have increased lately, companies, large and small, trying, through a new image or a new product even closer to customers.

Food sector, and especially that of dairy producers has always been very competitive in Romania, with diverse companies and products with knowledgeable and demanding customers. In an attempt to better communicate the special qualities of its products (such as low salt content of cow feta or special recipe of fresh cheese) Unilact manufacturer decided to change both the packaging of products, as well as their labels.

New packaging better meet consumer needs by maintaining optimal conditions of the product for a period of time. For labels, our agency has done photo shoots in different combinations of products Unilact Romanian traditional food, customer positioning itself as a producer that respects traditional Romanian recipes.

The design proposed by our designers tried to keep elements of packaging Unilact familiar to consumers and proposed new elements to it highlight the fierce competition from the shelves. They finally created six new label for "cow cheese", "cheese Rucar", "cream", "fresh cheese", "mozzarella" and "package home".